Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a company’s strategy, tactics and operations on customers. Customer management cannot be separated from the products and / or services that are the company’s business. The customer management process based on the framework developed by ESTIM is divided into two, namely:

  • Main Process
  • Supporting Process

The main process consists of Marketing, Prospect Management, Opportunity and Project Management activities. These four main activities are at the core of the value chain in CRM. Meanwhile, supporting processes that are no less important are managing front line activities, managing contacts and customers, managing products and services, managing complaints and inquiries, and managing knowledge for both customers and company employees. In the end, both activities included in the main process and supporting processes must be ensured to generate or increase company revenue. There are three important aspects as a key to the success of CRM, namely:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

The three aspects above are related to each other so as to help a work system that can optimize customer management. ESTIM as a software platform, develops CRM applications to make it easier for companies to digitize the CRM process. ESTIM CRM has several modules that represent most of the customer management processes, namely: Complaints, Questions, Knowledge Management, Catalogs, Products, Leads, Opportunities, Projects, Invoices, Contracts and Social Media Campaigns. The modules are packaged in packages that can be selected by the company according to their needs, namely Basic, Standard and Enterprise. All ESTIM – CRM packages can be deployed without additional investment in hardware or servers, making them more efficient. Our servers are hosted using Amazon Web Service (AWS) which has a high level of reliability and numbers.