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Lemurian Technological Innovation (Lemurian) is a company that was built with great dedication and idealism to create reliable information technology products that can be an important part in the acceleration and development of the company’s business.

Since its establishment in 2015, Lemurian has built a wide range of products, both products specifically used by ordering companies, as well as products that are ready to go-to-market such as the Indonesia Digital School (INDISCH), Enterprise System for Technology and Information Management (ESTIM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Professional Tracking System (PROTRACK) and many other products based on innovation and creativity which are the strengths and characteristics of our company.

Address :
Graha 3M-Tech Jl. Radio Dalam 100 Kebayoran Baru –
Jakarta Selatan 12140

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Phone/WA : +62-21 720 4969 / 0812-9881-3811